Fast and Easy Valuation Process

Our team of business valuation experts uses their collective decades of experience to analyze your unique company and arrive at a fair market value for your common stock. Along the way, we make every effort to ensure that drafting the report interrupts growing your business as little as possible. Our process is simple for you:

Talk to us

To get started, we need to know a bit about what your needs are so we can know how to serve you best. What do you need a corporate valuation for? Do you need a common stock appraisal, or a company appraisal? Once we know the general structure and needs of your company, we can advise you on how to best proceed.

Provide us with the required information

Once you have engaged us as your 409A valuation provider, we will give you a link to securely upload your company documents. The documents we need include your articles of incorporation, financials statements and projections, term sheets for any external funding, among others. Next we will ask you to fill out a form detailing various aspects of your business. This helps us understand what you sell, to whom, and for how much. We also need to understand where your company is headed, and what risks you might encounter. We review everything you provide and do our own research, and then have a short follow-up interview to answer any questions we still have, or to seek clarity on key issues. Of course, throughout this process we are just a phone call away, and more than happy to help with any questions that come up.

Receive your report

Within about a week of receiving your documents, we provide you with our preliminary findings in a draft report. You sign off on it, and then we provide you with a certified business valuation report.